Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Geronimo's use of OSGi

I've noticed a couple of references which have hinted at Geronimo being based on OSGi, so I wanted to clarify the current situation for the benefit of those not closely involved.

While we were extending the Equinox OSGi framework in parallel with the spec. work for the modularity improvements in OSGi R4, my colleague Simon Burns had a crack at modularising Geronimo to make sure there were no obvious gotchas. This was way before WebSphere Application Server had exploited OSGi, so I was keen for Simon to try this out to smooth the path for WAS.

Simon posted a brief summary on the Geronimo dev list, but we didn't follow up as the Geronimo team was undecided about whether they wanted to exploit OSGi or extend the Geronimo GBean technology.

Of course, I would love eventually to add Geronimo to the list of application servers based on OSGi...

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