Tuesday, December 08, 2009

WebSphere OSGi Application Model

As noted previously, WebSphere Application Server's alpha support for OSGi applications is similar to that of SpringSource dm Server. Now IBM's open source server, Geronimo, has taken its first steps to join the party.

Apparently Geronimo 3.0 is now based on OSGi, like all other modern Java app servers. (I wonder what vestigial traces of its GBean/XBean heritage remain?)

Geronimo's OSGi application model is provided by the Aries incubator, so I wonder if that is also the base of the WAS alpha, since Geronimo is essentially WAS CE.

Maybe the answer is that the closed source WAS is also based on Aries, but I didn't dare accept the license agreement on the download to find out.

Monday, December 07, 2009

SpringSource dm Server catching on

The recently announced alpha driver of IBM WebSphere Application Server v7 support for OSGi applications is covered in a brief dzone interview with Kirk Knoernschild of the Burton Group.

As Kirk notes in his blog, SpringSource dm Server has already brought OSGi to the enterprise. dm Server v1.0 shipped in September 2008 and v2.0 will enter RC1 in the next few weeks.

The WAS alpha has some features in common with dm Server, notably repositories and applications along similar lines to plans and PARs. Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery or, putting it another way, IBM has validated dm Server's approach.

I'm still waiting for technical details of WebLogic DM Server, but since it is microkernel based (unlike WAS) and with a name like that, it's likely to validate dm Server further.

Meanwhile GlassFish and JBoss support for OSGi is coming along nicely, so it'll be fascinating to see what kind of OSGi application models these projects end up providing.


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