Thursday, January 04, 2007

Application servers based on OSGi

An increasing number of Java application servers are being based on OSGi along the lines shown in the figure. An OSGi framework provides a runtime environment for the application server's modules. As the application server initialises, its modules are started and can communicate between themselves either using services or by importing classes from each other.

Applications running inside container modules provided by the application server need not be aware of the OSGi framework. This provides a low-cost migration path for existing applications.

The following application servers are based on OSGi, or are thinking about it:

I've heard of some others but couldn't find reasonable links.


AlBlue said...

There's quite a good link for a number of other OSGi systems, although it's looking in the slightly wider picture than just J2EE.

Glyn said...

Nice link! Thanks Al.

Anonymous said... is from the get go...

And the next version of will be integrating OSGi.

Glyn said...

Interesting. Thanks Kit.

Unknown said...

OW2 JOnAS is already running on top of an OSGi gateway (Apache Felix), as well as OW2 EasyBeans (EJB3 Container).

Concerning JOnAS, a first version (5.0.x) is already available, but there are still work in progress items for a more clean OSGi integration.

Glyn said...

Thanks for the update Guillaume.


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