Friday, June 22, 2007

Sun VP 'gets' OSGi

I just ran across a video where James Governor interviews Jeet Kaul, the VP of developer products and programmes for Sun Microsystems. If you don't have much time, fast forward to three minutes from the start and listen to the next minute and a half on OSGi.

Some soundbytes plucked slightly out of context for maximum effect:

JG: "I'm looking at OSGi ... and I think it's possibly the most important standard in the industry right now." (What a nice man.)

JK: "... so much has been done already that it would be insane to ignore that ..."

and later

JK: "... in Java SE 7 where we are trying to build the standard which will incorporate supporting OSGi bundles - it's the right approach."


Neil Bartlett said...

Nice words. Actions speak louder.

Glyn said...


Anonymous said...

the video did not play for me. but is he just dropping the buzz words or does he really get it? I am confused after reading his post and the comments at:

Glyn said...

It's hard to say, but thanks for the link!


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