Wednesday, June 13, 2007

JSR 291 Final Release on its way

"But I thought JSR 291 had already gone final?", I hear you say. Nope: it passed the Final Approval Ballot a few weeks ago, but is still to enter Final Release state.

Since then I've been getting hold of an Export Classification Control Number (ECCN), which is really the only additional information needed by the JCP PMO to publish the Final Release. Having obtained an ECCN1, I emailed the PMO today and await their response.

I should mention that the JCP bureaucracy needn't hold up anyone who wants to use JSR 291, as everything they need is already available.

[1] The ECCN is EAR99 for anyone who's interested, although I can't imagine who would be. EAR99 seems to be code for "this doesn't really need an ECCN". Keeps the customs people in jobs though.

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