Friday, June 15, 2007

One last hurdle for JSR 291?

The PMO acknowledged receipt of the Final Release materials I sent them a couple of days ago, so at least their email system worked this time. However, they said the spec. license and the final business terms on the OSGi site would need another legal review. Nice to know I'm keeping lawyers as well as customs people in jobs!

It's a funny thing since the JCP process (section 3.5) doesn't mention a legal review, although the spec. lead guide does. There's no state in the process for having failed a legal review after the FAB, so I guess the JSR will just stay in limbo until the lawyers are happy.

I pointed out that nothing has changed since the Final Approval Ballot, so let's hope the legal review is just a formality...


AlBlue said...

Anyone would think that the JCP PMO is trying to prevent this from going through :-)

Glyn said...

Nah. I noticed your smiley, but since conspiracy theories are popular, I should comment.

I've been pleasantly surprised when the PMO have apparently pulled out the stops to move JSR 291 on.

For instance, immediately before JavaOne, they started the Final Approval Ballot after several weeks of email system problems and legal reviews. If the PMO were really out to hold up JSR 291, they had every excuse to wait until the dust had settled after JavaOne.

Unless, of course, they simply messed up... 8-}

Anonymous said...


I've been curious about the license that the RI is being made available under. Since AIUI the bytes are basically being pulled from Equinox, am I correct in believing that the RI will be under the EPL?

Is there a link that spells this all out for 291?

Glyn said...

Hi Mike

Yes, the RI is under the EPL. It's compiled from Equinox at the tag v20070208.

Details here, which will be referenced by the site for JSR 291 when it goes Final Release.


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