Monday, February 05, 2007

Osxa OSGi

Pierro's excellent summary of open source OSGi implementations includes the three long-standing projects, but also mentions Osxa.

Osxa seems to have started recently given its relative incompleteness and also the state of its web site. If you know about the objectives of Osxa, I'd love to hear from you.


Neil Bartlett said...

I believe Peter Kriens blogged about OSXA recently. The thing is, it's not meant to be and never will be a full OSGi implementation, because it doesn't support the module layer.

The point of OSXA is to be embeddable within existing application servers or unsigned applets/webstart apps, while still providing a lot of the OSGi APIs such as the service layer, log service, configuration admin, etc.

OSXA was developed by Harald Niesche, who posts occasionally to the osgi-dev mailing list. You'll find his contact details if you do a scan of the list archive.

Glyn said...

Thanks Neil. I found the blog you referred to.

Since my focus is mainly down in the module layer, I now know everything I need to about Osxa. ;-)


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