Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Nuxeo EP based on OSGi

The recent announcement of Nuxeo Enterprise Platform v5 on Freshmeat hinted that they had adopted an Eclipse-like extension mechanism based on OSGi. The Nuxeo homepage made me wonder if this was just buzzword compliance. But it seems not.

Eric Barroca's blog describes the use of OSGi in a little more detail. Nuxeo exploits OSGi when it is available and mimics it otherwise. I wonder why they didn't bundle an existing OSGi framework?

It'll be interesting to see whether JBoss decides to bundle an existing framework...


Eric Barroca said...

Hi Glyn,

First, thanks for your note.

Here is some answers and complements:

- OSGi is not a buzzword in our platform, it's really heavily used and offers many benefits.

- We have rolled out NXRuntime to allow deep binding on JEE appservers (that would not have been possible with bundling a OSGi framework as-it) especially on the deployment level and EJB3 compliance.

- With NXRuntime, OSGi bundles are seen as any other Java component in the app servers (as far as we've seen the OSGi platform would have been seen as only onle Java component by the app server) and any OSGi bundles are extensible using the extension point mecanism (plus, we are targetting to support OSGi Declarative Service soon). For example an EJB can get contribution from other components and a web application (war) can receive new web UI (web pages, etc.) from other bundles too. It dramatically ease the creation of componentized and reusable components even for the web UI part.

Last, we would be pleased to see that NXRuntime could benefit from other OSGi framework to quickly improve the OSGi support. Right now, NXRuntime offers more than OSGi support it also offers a new deployer for JavaEE appservers (to create componentized war and EJB) and a distributed component registry and extension system. I would be pleased to get your opinion/view on NXRuntime, ang maybe get advices on how you would have seen it or improve it.

Stefane Fermigier said...


There was a small mistake in the Freshmeat announceent, which was now corrected: we are using the LGPL (and sometimes the EPL), not the GPL, for Nuxeo 5 and Nuxeo Runtime.


S. Fermigier, CEO, Nuxeo

Glyn said...

Thanks Eric and Stéfane. I updated the text to remove the license inaccuracy.


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