Friday, February 09, 2007

OSGi in the Enterprise

A new site for OSGi enterprise users (not just members of the OSGi Alliance) appeared the other day. More background on EclipseZone.


AlBlue said...

I thought you would have known about it ... it actually turned up a week or so ago (the release date was the 26th Jan) but it's been in the queue because I've been doing other things with the Eclipse Awards. You have voted for someone, right? :-)

Paramus are based in London, just down the road (relatively speaking) -- I spoke to Mike Francis and Richard Nicholson about their Newton open-source codebase a while ago. Maybe you should look them up whilst you're at the JSig if you've not otherwise planned to?

Glyn said...

Maybe I ignored a Google alert because it sounded a little like the OSGi Enterprise Expert group. The trouble with Google alerts is you get the same thing over and over as news propagates across the web.

Yes, I'll try to make contact with Mike, Richard, and others at the JSig. I may even have some business cards printed in time.


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