Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Eve of JavaOne 2007

This week's JavaOne should be an interesting experience as it's my first.

After checking in this afternoon, I thought I'd sample James Gosling's session at the end of the Netbeans day. The content/time ratio was rather low, so I went for a walk in the daylight instead.

Perusing the pocket schedule in a Mexican restaurant later, I was pleased to see the JSR 291 BOF had made it into print, although it was too late for the IBM flyer. It seems like the BOF is competing with the tail end of the Eclipse party and Oracle's free screening of Spiderman 3. I'll be lucky if my co-presenter turns up (only kidding Richard).

The online session scheduler (JSP) seems to be struggling to stay up. How many thousands of people are hammering it? It finally let me switch a session.

Well, even blogging can't keep me awake. It's 9pm and 22.5 hours since I woke up. Better get to bed - tomorrow looks like a long day with sessions more or less continuously from 8.30am to 10.50pm. Boy do these American's take work seriously...


Zteve said...

Have a great time -- Steve

Glyn said...

Thanks, Steve.


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