Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Virgo 3.0 plan update

The feature to provision Virgo using p2 is taking a while to finalise. Also, it changes the directory layout of Virgo and so will need some changes to the tooling. So we've decided to defer the feature to a later release, possibly 3.5 to indicate the relatively big jump from 3.0.

This means the 3.0 release content is pretty much complete, so we just have to fix a few remaining bugs and polish the documentation before releasing, probably in July or August 2011.

See the plan on the Virgo wiki for details.


Hendy Irawan said...

" The following items currently do not fit in the above plans, but have been raised as desirable by one or more users:

Upgrade from Spring DM to Gemini Blueprint (bug 317943) "


So Virgo 3.0 (and even 3.5!) will be released with Spring-DM 1.2.1. :-(

This would be devastating (at least to me) because a lot of the things that has been taken for granted with Blueprint (such as with Apache Felix Karaf's integrated Aries Blueprint) need to be tweaked or "downgraded".

Is it possible/recommended to manually install Gemini Blueprint / Aries Blueprint on top of Virgo ?

Glyn said...

Yes, it's possible. Borislav has responded to your comment on the bug.


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