Tuesday, January 23, 2007

JSR 291 passes public review ballot

In the last hour, JSR 291 passed its Public Review ballot with 9 "yes" votes, 2 "no" votes, 1 abstention, and 4 non voters (including Google and Red Hat who voted "no" in the initial JSR approval ballot). Details here.


Neil Bartlett said...

So Hani thinks that you did "no work". Was he subscribed to the same mailing list as me??

It's kind of disappointing that Red Hat's earlier "no" turned into silence rather than a "yes". But I think congratulations are still in order.

Glyn said...

Yes, Hani was mistaken on that point. He also overlooked the 1.5 Mb, 286 page spec. document and thought the covering letter in the spec. package zip file was the spec! Someone else made the same mistake, so perhaps I need to make sure the spec. is the first entry in the zip file in future.

I'm not sure how to interpret silence. Red Hat was a little disappointing although Google was a pleasant surprise.

mcculls said...

Congrats to the JSR 291 expert group on reaching this milestone. Sun's comment is a bit perplexing - it seems they don't want JSR expert groups to reach out to other members of the wider community?

Btw, anyone heard anything wrt JSR 277 - there's been no updates on Stanley Ho's blog since 3rd November...

Glyn said...

JSR 277 is off topic, but see here and here for some links.


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