Friday, October 12, 2012

How are you using Virgo?

Following on from the nice write-up about the use of Virgo by Croatian Telecom, I'd like to encourage others who have not already done so to provide a brief summary of how they are using Virgo. If you can include a company or project name, so much the better. Numbers of servers, users, and applications are helpful if you have them to hand as are peak traffic rates. A frank summary of the pro's and con's of Virgo and OSGi will help others who are assessing the technology. Also, mentioning some of the specific 3rd party components you are successfully using gives others an idea whether what they'd like to do is feasible.

I can link helpful write-ups which include company or project names from the "Virgo Powered" list of the Virgo home page, so you get some free marketing out of this. If you can place your write-up on a personal or company blog, I can link to that too, thus helping to increase your inbound links and traffic.

This is a great, low-cost way to contribute something back to the Virgo community, even if you never answer a forum thread, raise a bug, or send in a patch. Please take a few minutes to do a write-up if you feel you can.


jsh said...

I am anticipating doing a write up for how we have made Virgo and modularity in general a central theme for our Data Protection platform. We are nearing our first release of a product with this platform so I should have a write produced within the next couple of months.

Jay Hamilton
Senior Software Manager - Syncsort

Glyn said...

I'll look forward to that. Thanks!

jsh said...

Hi Glyn,
Virgo and modulartiy in general is a core component of our platform. We are nearing our first product release which leverages this platform. I suspect that I will do a write up on our experiences within the next few months or so.

Jay Hamilton
Senior Development Manager - Syncsort


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