Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Virgo 3.6.0.M01 ships with some juicy new features

Virgo 3.6.0.M01 is released and features upgrades to Tomcat (bringing with it web sockets support), Spring, Gemini Web, and Gemini Management.

It includes a completely new admin console with an interesting, minimal architecture which enables it to run on the kernel as well as the Tomcat and Jetty based deliverable. See Christ Frost's blog for more details.

There is also improved Windows support by shortening some of the path names in Virgo's work directory. You can also deploy bundles and WAR files in packed form if you choose to.

The Nano hot deployer also has new support for initial bulk deployment of multiple bundles, particularly useful when they have dependencies between them.

Quite a fun set of features all in all, plus plenty of bug fixes and other improvements.

Please see the release notes for more details or just head over to the milestone download page to get going.

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