Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Virgo Experience at CME Group

At last week's EclipseCon, Jan Fetyko presented CME Group's experience of using Virgo. The slides make for an interesting read. The highlight for me was that they seemed pleased with snaps, although they found issues combining snaps and tiles. They haven't used the Virgo/Libra tooling so far, but I would hope that tooling is now sufficiently mature that they will be able to start using it soon.

The conclusions are interesting too:

  • Did not hit any Virgo bugs (yet), stable, didn’t experience any crashes
  • Problems only come from [application] code
  • Virgo 3.x release improved memory consumption comparing to 2.1
  • The learning curve is steep
  • Design for modularity upfront is important
  • Cannot go back to monolithic app
The last bullet really means they wouldn't want to go back to a monolithic app.

Thanks to Jan and CME Group for being so open about their activity.

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Glyn said...

On 4 Apr 2012, at 17:41, Fetyko, Jan wrote:

You're correct, we don't want to go back to monolithic app.
We have seen the light and will not let it slip away.


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