Friday, November 18, 2011

Opening SourceTree from the command line

I've recently started using SourceTree to visualise and manage my git repos. It's very impressive.

The one thing I missed from gitx was the ability to launch SourceTree from the command line, in any directory of the repo. One solution is to set a git alias:

git config --global --add alias.sourcetree '!open -a SourceTree .'

and add an alias in the shell profile:

alias st='git sourcetree'

Now I can issue "st" from the command line and the relevant SourceTree window opens up.

(Thanks to Chris Frost for providing part of this solution.)


steve said...

Just to let you know, from 1.3 we have an in-built command line tool which you can use so you don't need to do this any more. :)

Glyn said...

Nice! thanks Steve.


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