Monday, October 03, 2011

How Infor ION Uses Virgo

Infor have kindly made available a presentation on how their ION integration product is based on the Virgo kernel. They migrated from Equinox 3.5 to Virgo 2.1, added a lightweight web server (in preference to using the pre-built Virgo Tomcat or Jetty servers) and a service wrapper, added Spring integration, upgraded Spring framework, added a watched repository, and then added various enterprise service bundles. This is a perfect example of a Virgo kernel application, a so-called OSGi stackless stack.

The Infor team also helpfully pointed out some enhancements they'd like to see, some of which are already supported or planned for Virgo 3.5.

According to their website Infor is the world's third largest provider of enterprise applications and services, so it's nice to see another large company adopt Virgo.

Thanks to Ian Skerrett for bringing this user to my attention. See his blog for more.

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