Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Releases: Virgo 3.0 and Gemini Web 2.0

Virgo 3.0 and Gemini Web 2.0, collectively known as the Maya release, are available for download and download, respectively.

The team of committers has expanded considerably and, although the team is now distributed geographically, we have a great working relationship. I'm delighted that these projects are now community collaborations rather than the work of a single vendor.

The theme of Virgo 3.0 is better integration with EclipseRT technologies. To that end, we have created a Jetty variant of the Virgo web server and have switched from Felix to Equinox implementations of some OSGi services. Integration with p2 is proving a tough nut to crack and is deferred to the Bondi (3.5) release, although we expect to issue a milestone soon to get some feedback from the user community.

Gemini Web and the Tomcat variant of the Virgo web server have been upgraded to Tomcat 7 and Servlet 3.0.

Gemini Web 2.0 passes the OSGi Web Applications compliance tests and will replace the SpringSource OSGi Web Container as the OSGi Web Applications reference implementation.

The snaps framework for modular web applications is also released as part of Maya. This started life as the SpringSource slices prototype.

Virgo kernel 3.0 has a new shell based on Apache Felix Gogo for both the kernel and user region and accessible via telnet or ssh.

The 3.0 kernel also uses a new implementation of regions, the region digraph, based on OSGi standard framework hooks. The digraph should position Virgo well for implementing the OSGi Subsystems specification in a future release. (The specification is still under development, but we expect a public draft from the OSGi Alliance before long.) The digraph has moved from Virgo to Equinox to enable it to be used by other projects, especially those that are aiming to implement the Subsystems spec.


  • New Virgo Jetty Server
  • Virgo Tomcat Server and Gemini Web upgraded to Tomcat 7 and Servlet 3.0
  • New Snaps framework for modular web applications with new guide
  • New Gogo shell
  • New user guide for Gemini Web
  • Updated GreenPages sample with new guide
See the release notes for details.


Anonymous said...

Not sure how it is working out for anybody else, but when I click the Download link, all I see is the 2.1.1 release. Even if I hand edit the URLs to be 3.0.0.RELEASE from either the last 3.0.0 RC release, or the 2.1.1.RELEASE, I get an error.

Editing the release notes link does get me to the 3.0.0 release notes. Sure hope this will be resolved soon.

Glyn said...

There's some screwy caching going on. I saw the downloads page revert to an old version earlier today.

Anyway, you may have guessed the direct link to the download wrongly because we renamed Virgo Web Server (VWS) to Virgo Tomcat Server. Try this instead:

Glyn said...

I spoke to the Eclipse web master and it turns out there was a glitch on the web server cluster. He has initiated a full refresh, so the problem should be fixed soon.

Dr.Drane said...

The link to the gemini docs is dead:

Best wishes,


Glyn said...

Thanks Jochen. I've raised bug 367767 to get the documentation re-instated.

Glyn said...

The link now works (links to the 2.0.1 docs).


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