Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Virgo Maya (3.0) feature freeze at milestone 6

Milestone 6 of the Virgo Maya (3.0) release is available for download. This milestone marks the feature freeze of Maya, so we'll be working on bugs and documentation from now on. We plan to ship the release in August.

The milestone includes the new shell based on Apache Felix GoGo, accessible via telnet or ssh as described in the release notes. There are a few bugs in this support which need fixing, but apart from that the new function is in good shape for trying out.

This milestone also includes snaps for the first time. Snaps is a framework supporting modular OSGi web applications. We are bringing snaps out of prototype status in Maya, primarily by documenting its function and limitations in the next few weeks. Several groups are using snaps, so this should give them a more stable base. Including snaps in the release process will ensure it stays in step with Virgo Tomcat Server as the two evolve.

Finally, this milestone moves Virgo Jetty Server out of prototype status as the User and Programmer Guides now include appropriate documentation.


Anonymous said...

In Virgo Maya( 3.0) , there is a release as Virgo Snaps.

What are the difference between Virgo Kernel and Virgo Snaps

Glyn said...

The kernel is the base which can be used standalone or upon which servers, like Virgo Tomcat Server and Virgo Jetty Server, can be built.

Snaps on the other hand is a framework that you can deploy in Virgo Tomcat Server to support modular OSGi web applications. See this presentation.


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