Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Life in a small company

I'm gradually noticing what's different about working in a small company. For one thing, there are very few processes, other than for software development where there are one or two.

For instance, I just took this photo. of the room I work in. Damilola (on the left) and Chris (on the right) noticed the idiot lifting his macbook into mid-air, but Nancie (in the distance) apparently didn't. I wonder how many levels of sign-off would have been needed to publish such a photo. in my previous company?

A more telling example of the minimal processes was that it recently took about an hour to obtain licenses for a piece of commercial software we decided to use. This included getting financial sign-off from someone on a business trip on the West Coast, submitting the order, and getting the license keys ready to use.

This is a pleasant change for me. Processes are sometimes essential, but it's so easy to make them too heavy. The emphasis in a small company seems to be talking to other people and trusting them to do the right thing.


Anonymous said...

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Glyn said...

Thanks Steven, but I'll pass. :-)

Alef said...


Good to hear Glyn. I've never worked for a period longer than half a year for a bigger corporation, so I guess I've gotten used to the (for you refreshing) lack of an abundance of processes.

Ian Mitchell said...

hmm - that doesn't sound like the Steven we know, does it Glyn!

Glyn said...

Hi Ian. Indeed it doesn't. :-)

kbm said...

Hi Glyn,

Looks like fun, but haven't you doubled your commute?

Good luck,

Glyn said...

Hi Keith

It used to take 20 minutes including walking between the car and the office and now it takes between 20 and 30 minutes depending on traffic. But hammering up and down the M3 doesn't match pootling along the A3090 with views across to Farley Mount, especially in the morning mist.

See you around,


Zteve said...

It's only now I see that someone has commented with my moniker. But it's OK I usually hang out as Zteve these days.

'Luck Glyn -- I'll comment on more recent posts soon.

Glyn said...

Hi Steve

Long time, no see. About time we hit The Dolphin again...


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