Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Spring-OSGi Milestone 1

Thanks to Hal for the link to Costin's blog on Spring-OSGi which recently shipped the first milestone build.

Now I'm on the look out for the first application to take advantage of Spring-OSGi. Any takers?


Martin Lippert said...

Hi Glyn,

I am using Spring-OSGi in my current project where we build a quite large insurance application on top of Equinox. I am using Spring-OSGi on the client- and on the server-side (both on top of Equinox) mainly to do remoting for services and some dependency injection. Since the web-app support is not yet ready to ship within Spring-OSGi I am using a slightly older version than M1 and fixed the web support (in a very dirty way :-). This stuff works really great and I implemented the remoting support as a separate bundle in a very short amount of time. Really cool!!!


Glyn said...

Thanks for that Martin! Glad to hear your project is going so well.

Levon said...
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